Whether in-house, colocated or cloud-based, Hyde Group ensures that your datacenter is delivering the most value, flexibility and security possible. The market is evolving fast, presenting businesses with new challenges and considerations. But we have unique visibility into these matters and strong relationships with leading providers, giving you access to expertise and a range of solutions.

Planning Your Datacenter Initiative

Business Continuity (BC)
An approach to planning for emergencies that assures minimal impact to an organization’s most critical functions In the event of incidents or disasters. It also ensures continuity during events like server outages, employee error, or security breach.

Disaster Recovery (DR)
The process by which business operations are restored after a disruptive “event” that is most often unforeseeable. Despite headline-grabbing disasters and catastrophic outcomes, many companies still have no DR plan in place. DR is the first step in planning to “insure” your business against loss of money, productivity and brand reputation after a disaster.

High Availability (HA)
The process by which an organization will plan for near 100% uptime service guarantees, oftentimes referred to as ‘five nines’ (99.999%) service level expectations. This requires redundancy throughout every component of your datacenter, network and infrastructure.

Selection and Migration

Every client has unique requirements, risk tolerances, business initiatives and objectives. We put these considerations at the center of our process and work tirelessly to develop custom datacenter solutions that future-proof your business.

After partnering with your IT team to evaluate your current infrastructure and future needs, the Hyde Group explores appropriate datacenter options and vets dozens of potential partners and facilities on your behalf. Then we assist with securing and implementing colocation, managed/hosted/virtual/hybrid offerings, bare metal/cloud and voice services seamlessly and with minimal risk, migration time and expense.

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