The cloud has become a powerful tool for organizations of all sizes, helping them improve business outcomes across the board. Related technologies are developing rapidly and presenting new challenges as public, private and hybrid cloud environments continue to evolve and change the way IT is provisioned. The Hyde Group has the expertise and ecosystem of partners to help clients get the most out of cloud solutions.

IT Infrastructure, Network, and Security Management

A proper infrastructure design can propel your business forward, giving it a substantial competitive edge.  Your IT infrastructure, network, and security management can be keys to this business growth. Our assessment services ensure that you have the right infrastructure and network architecture to best utilize your telecom platform. We also identify and monitor potential security risks, so that you can run your IT department in a safe, secure network.

IaaS/Managed Compute

With Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) options, your business gets the necessary support and flexibility it needs while realizing substantial operational and financial benefits. Our IaaS client partners also reap the benefits of disaster recovery solutions, with managed services creating an agile network environment.

Managed Applications

If you want the most innovative, next-generation software, The Hyde Group can help you adopt managed applications solutions. Managed applications give you full support for your software and bundles without the expense of upgrades or backup programs.

Managed Messaging

By signing up for managed messaging, you can gain access to a host of solutions for streamlining business processes. Managed messaging packages improve business email security, enhance business continuity and enable better internal collaboration.

DRaaS/Cloud Storage

You need a practical and effective disaster recovery solution. We help you implement one. Our clients have access to DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) resources like cloud storage, which provides cost-effective and quick recovery times. The Hyde Group can implement on-demand solutions for your backup and disaster management needs.

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